Online Donations

Assumption-Guadalupe Catholic Church now offers online giving through it's partnership with 

ParishSoft and their ConnectNow Giving service. They support one-time donations, as well as recurring donations.

ParishSoft is one of the companies the Archdiocese of Omaha trusts to help its parishes manage their parishioner database, their parishioner contributions, and their faith formation programs and classes. ParishSoft uses the latest security technologies available to safeguard all online giving transactions, so you can feel safe about your online giving.

As consumers, we use online bill payment systems all of the time. Through online transactions that are automatic, we pay our monthly utility bills, phone bills, credit card bills, and so on. With this same level of safety and security, you can use this convenient and secure online giving service to make your weekly and monthly contributions to Assumption-Guadalupe Parish, so you don't have to remember to prepare your donation envelopes each week and write out those checks, or fumble in your wallet or purse for your contribution. This service allows you to set up your weekly and monthly contributions with ease, thus, allowing you to focus more of your attention on the Holy Mass, instead of worrying about remembering your donation.

Please click on the link (image) to start your online giving, today.

-- Thank you for supporting our Parish.

Video Demonstration

If you would like to see how easy online giving is, please watch the video demonstration on how to use ConnectNow Giving by ParishSoft. You can see first-hand how easy it is to make a one-time donation, or how easy it is for you to schedule your weekly and monthly donations. For additional information, please click on Additional Resources.