-- Fiesta 2017 - August 25-27 ...

The date for Fiesta 2017 has been set. It will be the weekend of August 25-27.

There will be rides for kids of all ages, bands to entertain throughout the weekend, ethnic dancers who will perform, a raffle, or more precisely, a lottery with a GRAND PRIZE of $10,000 CASH, and a variety of foods for your enjoyment.
Please plan to attend and enjoy the festivities!!!

For the past three Fiestas, the winners have taken the cash, not the car. So this year, the Fiesta Committee decided to raffle off cold, hard CASH of $10,000. The second through fifth prizes are higher in value than before, so you have MORE to win this year. Tickets to sell were mailed out to active envelope users, and we will have tickets available after the weekend Masses and at the Parish office. Help the Parish raise funds by selling as many tickets as you can. THANKS!!
En las últimas tres Fiestas, los ganadores han tomado el dinero, no el coche.  Así que este año, el Comité de Fiesta decidió rifar DINERO en efectivo de $10.000. El segundo a quinto premio son de mayor valor que antes, de modo que usted tiene MAS que ganar este año.  Los boletos para vender fueron enviados a usuarios de sobres activos, y tendremos boletos disponibles después de las Misas los fines de semana y en la oficina de la parroquia.  Ayuden a la Parroquia a recaudar fondos a través de vender los boletos que puede. Gracias!!

    Planning for Fiesta 2017 is under way. Please check back for more information on planning dates.